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PolkAudio XRt12 XM Radio Component Tuner

Unleash the Performance of XM in Your Home

XM satellite radio lovers rejoice! Polk Audio's new XM Reference™ Tuner is simply the best sounding and most convenient way to enjoy XM radio in your home. You can now enjoy the best radio experience on the planet (XM programming, of course) in your home from a component-style tuner that delivers 100% of XM's potential sound quality. The Polk Audio XRt12 tuner is the first component XM tuner and it is the performance reference standard for all XM tuners.
It's specifically engineered to complement your current audio components with digital & analog outputs and a full featured remote control. It delivers your favorite XM stations directly to your living room, playing crystal clear audio through your own home loudspeakers while displaying the channel, song, and artist information on your TV.
Tuner Features and Specifications:

  • Styled and sized to match standard premium audio components
  • Unique video output displays channel, artist and song title on your TV screen
  • Easily connects to any home audio system with either analog or direct digital connections
  • Optical and coaxial digital outputs for lossless, pure performance
  • Audiophile grade parts insure you'll hear 100% of XM's potential sound quality
  • Built-in audiophile-grade Burr-Brown™ Digital-to-Analog Converter for superior sound quality
  • Premium high gain audio preamp section that is dead quiet, low in distortion and wide response matches the output of typical audio source components (CD, DVD players)
  • Everything you need to hook up and enjoy XM programming the day you get your XRt12 tuner home is included in the box
  • 4-line blue XM display shows channel name, channel number, artist name, song title and signal strength
  • Front panel controls include Menu selection, Category Scan, Memory, Channel Scan, Display & more.
  • 20 Channel Presets, in 4 banks of 5 each.
  • Category Scan lets you scan through the major categories of XM channels (Rock, Talk, Sports, etc.)
  • Preview function allows you to see what is playing on other channels while still listening to the current channel
  • Display function lets you enlarge the text on the front panel display for easy viewing from a distance when the tuner is not hooked up to a TV
  • Memory button records up to 10 records of channel, artist name and song data so you can "remember" songs you heard and liked without needing a pen and paper
  • RS-232 connector allows connection to whole-house audio distribution systems (Crestron, NetStreams, etc.) for remote room control of tuner and display of tuner data on remote keypads and other control devices.

Menu Features:

  • Display Brightness and Contrast adjustment
  • Memory Recall recalls the channel, artist name and song titles you saved with the Memory button
  • Channel Skip/Add allows you to un-clutter your channel list with stations you are never going to listen to.
  • Line Out Level lets you match the tuner's output (gain) to that of the other components in your system so the volume remains constant as you switch from source to source. (works only with analog outputs, digital output level is fixed).
  • Auto Shutdown allows you to set the tuner to automatically shut itself off after 60, 120 or 180 minutes of no use. The default setting is no auto shut off. 
  • Antenna Aiming is a signal strength meter to help you find the best possible antenna location.

Technical Specifications:

  • Signal to Noise Ratio greater than 80dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion  + Noise less than 0.05%
  • Channel separation greater than 50dB
  • Size: 17” W x 2.3” H x 10.5” D, fits any audio furniture.
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Color: Any color you want as long as it is Black

Included in the Box:

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PolkAudio XRt12 XM Radio Component Tuner

Item #:XRt12
List Price:$249.98

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