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Pixel Technologies Magnetic Loop Antenna RF PRO-1A

This item is only available for purchase directly from Pixel Technologies.

New Magnetic Loop for Improved Reception and Noise Rejection (Receive-Only Antenna)

Based on the work of Dr Carl Baum for the US Air Force his “Moebius Strip Shielded Magnetic Loop Antenna” architecture provides superior performance over that of other commercially available wide-band loop antennas in the 100 kHz to 30 MHz range (see attached user evaluation).

Dr Baum was a Senior Scientist at the US Air Force Research Laboratory and is the recipient of several awards from the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) for his work. Originally developed for a classified US Air Force project involving the measurement of EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) from nuclear weapons, this design has wide application to antennas for low- noise, interference-free radio reception over a wide frequency range. Pixel has coupled this antenna with a low-noise amplifier with very high intermodulation distortion (IMD) specifications (OIP3 = +46 dBm, OIP2 > +90dBm) that can operate without saturating in high AM and FM broadcast band signal environments.


  • Unique Moebius Loop architecture provides enhanced performance over standard loops
  • Very low IMD, 30 dB Low-Noise Preamp insures good performance in both strong and weak signal environments
  • Up to 30 dB rejection of locally radiated noise compared to whip antennas
  • Figure eight directivity and deep nulls to further reduce interference.
  • Primary coverage range: 100 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Rejects power line noise
  • Rugged construction, easily mounts to a pole or flat vertical surface, 1m dia. aluminum loop, supplied with LNA, power inserter and DC power supply
  • No manual tuning necessary
  • No Home Owners Association problems; low profile, easy to camouflage and works at ground level
  • Modular design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Adjustable output level to optimize output for your radio
  • Made in the USA

Most active antennas are the whip type and respond mainly to the electrostatic-field portion of an electro-magnetic radio wave. The Magnetic Loop responds primarily to the magnetic-field and this ensures high rejection of nearby electric-fields. The intensity of the electric field is usually higher than the magnetic-field when an antenna is close to interference sources such as TVs, florescent lamps, power line wiring etc. By rejecting the electric-field there is a reduction in local interference compared to other types of active and passive antennas. Interference reduction is further enhanced by the deep nulls of the antenna’s 'Figure-Eight' directivity pattern (see Figure 1) that can be used to null out or reduce interference coming from a specific localized direction.

Some active antennas generate intermodulation products which can appear as spurious signals interfering with reception. This interference or second and third order intermodulation is caused by non linearity in the amplifier producing signals which are usually the sum and difference of strong AM or FM Broadcast stations and their harmonics. The RF PRO-1A Moebius Loop has been specifically designed to reduce intermodulation products to a minimum. The third order intercept point is typically +46 dBm (OIP3) and the second order intercept point is greater than +90 dBm (OIP2). The 1 dB compression point of this amplifier is + 26 dBm making the levels of the intermodulation products generally far below the atmospheric and man-made noise.

The RF PRO-1A Moebius Loop Antenna consists of a rigid light-weight ¾” diameter anodized aluminum 1 meter loop and a balanced broadband amplifier that is housed in a separate enclosure that can be mounted close to the antenna on its mast or to any nearby flat surface. This configuration permits the insertion of optional AM or FM broadcast band elimination filters (models BCB-1 and FMLPF-1) ahead of the amplifier. These are not normally required for good performance, but are available to provide the ultimate performance in extremely high RF signal environments. A 20 volt DC regulated wall-socket mounted power supply and a separate power inserter unit are provided. The antenna and amplifier have been designed to permit the use of low-cost 75 ohm cable (RG-6 quad-shield recommended). The maximum length is 1000 feet, but the frequency response will be a function of the cable loss vs. length specifications. The power inserter contains a matching transformer to match its output to 50 ohm input impedance radios. For best results the antenna should be positioned approximately 15 feet away from any buildings or other sources of interference.


  • Frequency response: 100 kHz – 30 MHz (Gain = 30 dB ±3 dB)
  • DC power: 20 volts at 200 mA
  • LNA OIP3: +46 dBm
  • LNA OIP2: > +90 dBm
  • 1dB compression point: +26 dBm
  • NF: less than 2 dB (at 10 MHz)
  • Antenna Diameter: 38 inches
  • Maximum cable length between antenna and power inserter: 1000 feet


  • 1 Loop Antenna
  • 1 L-bracket pole mount
  • 3 Saddle clamps
  • 3 U-bolts
  • 1 lot Mounting bolts and washers
  • 2 Wall mount clamps
  • 3 Weather boots
  • 1 Power inserter
  • 1 20 VDC power supply
  • 1 lot Jumper cables
  • 1 Low noise amplifier unit
  • 1 F-female to male PL259 adapter
  • 1 10 dB attenuator
  • 1 6 dB attenuator

Download PRO-1A Spec Sheet & Evaluation

Pixel Technologies Magnetic Loop Antenna RF PRO-1A

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