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Pro-Fit G3 Vehicle Specific Mount

If you buy a new vehicle, Pro-Fit will replace your old G3 VSM with a new model G3 VSM free of charge.  Just pay shipping and handling.

Hold everything.

Imagine : Your cup holder is free for your coffee. Your hands are free to drive. Your seat is free for your passengers. Your mount...holds everything. With interchangeable easy to use parts, the VSM G3 lets you easily switch between your electronic devices. Juggling is no longer necessary. In a completely new and sleek design, the G3 is what you've been waiting for.

VSM - The VSM G3 is a Vehicle Specific Mount. What does that mean for you? No more overgrown mounts dwarfing your phone. The VSM G3 is made to fit YOUR vehicle and your electronics. Its professional fit will make you think it came with the car.

Unique Ball - The G3 mounting bracket features a molded ball which allows you to pivot, twist, angle, extend or even remove your electronic device easily and quickly. Tools? Not here. The ball even allows your passenger to have full access to your electronics. So simple.

A Plate - The A Plate attaches to the ball of the G3, which provides a platform for mounting your electronics. Now you can keep your device as close as possible to the dash and right at your fingertips.

J Stem - Made of rare, high performance resins, the J stem together with the A plate creates a multi-axis and multifunctional joint perfect for your car. The J Stem also acts as an extension arm, so you can reposition your device nearly 3 inches in any direction. Perfect for your car, perfect for you.

Quick Change Electronics- The G3 design allows simple swapping of devices. You can swap your GPS unit for your MP3 player, and the best part is - you don't need any tools or hardware to do so.

Small Profile - We don't want any ugly around here! The G3 provides you with a mount that not only works great, but looks great. In an all new, discrete, slim, stainless steel design, the VSM G3 is barely visible, and nothing less than completely desirable.

VSM Location Code:
A Right of Radio
B Right of Climate Control
C Left of Radio
D Left of Climate Control
E Right of Ash Tray
F Left of Ash Tray
G Right Side of Center Console
H Left of Cup Holder
I Right of Auxiliary Power Outlet
J Right of Cigarette Lighter
K Below Climate Control
L Below Radio
M Left of Glove Box
N Right of Clock
O Right of Shifter
P Upper Right Corner of Dash
Q Right of Rear Defroster Switch
R Right of Parking Brake
S Right of Air Vent
T Below Air Vent

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International Shipment Notice: This product cannot be exported to Canada.

Don't see your vehicle listed?  Be sure to check out the VSM Legend and Original VSM series mounts for many additional vehicles.

Pro-Fit G3 Vehicle Specific Mount

Item #:G3VSM
List Price:$39.98
Sale Price:$34.98
You Save$5 (13%)

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