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XMFanStore ClipXT Personal Antenna for XM2go Radios

Second Generation Clip Antenna is Now Here!

XMFanStore ClipXT Personal Antenna is the solution to your XM2go reception problems.  This second generation clip antenna uses the newest, cutting edge personal antenna technology.  Portable reception problems and dropouts are virtually eliminated with the ClipXT antenna.

Users of the Delphi MyFi XM2go radio are well aware of the reception issues while using the included clip antenna.  Pioneer and Tao opted to remove the older clip antenna from their XM2go packaging.  Pionner, Tao, and Delphi XM2go users:  You need to upgrade your antenna!

New Antenna Technology - Reception quality is far superior to the older version of the clip antenna included in the Delphi MyFi packaging.  Dropouts are drastically reduced, if not eliminated altogether!

Clip-On Antenna - This clip on antenna allows you to use any headphones of your choice.  Headphone/Antenna combinations on the market are bulky, and do not allow you to use headphones or earbuds of your choice.

Light Weight - The ClipXT Personal Antenna weighs only a few ounces.  Use of the clip antenna while on-the-go is non-obtrusive.

Swivel Clip Attachment - The heavy duty plastic clip swivels 360 and allows you to clip the antenna almost anywhere-- your shirt, pocket, ball cap, belt, etc.  Easier to use than the previous clip attachment.

Compatible with the following XM2go radios:

  • Delphi MyFi XM2go
  • Tao XM2go
  • Pioneer Airware XM2go

XM Satellite Radio Certified Antenna

Retail packaged.  Available exclusively at XMFanStore.com
90-day warranty through XMFanStore

More pictures and a full review on www.xmfan.com

XMFanStore ClipXT Personal Antenna for XM2go Radios

List Price:$19.98

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